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Our Projects. 

We have an ambitious vision for new and improved recreational facilities based within the existing park system of the City of Reed City.  All will be open to the public, residents and visitors, free of charge.  Our crown jewel will be the Pocket Park in the downtown business district, while the projects below are already under construction.  

Project 1: Ice Skating Rink

In the winter of 2021-2022, Dan Burchett and Casey Merriss led the charge to install a new ice-skating rink at the site for the proposed Pocket Park at W. Slosson and S. Chestnut.  The rink was purchased by the City of Reed City, and the installation was done by community volunteers.  The Reed City Fire Department flooded the rink over a period of several days.  The rink was again installed for the winter of 2022-2023.  The ice-skating rink will be an integral part of the Pocket Park.  Dan and Casey have collected a number of pairs of donated skates that are stored near the rink and are available to anyone without their own.  

disc golf course.jpg
Project 2: Disc Golf Course

​Dan Burchett and David Maddox led teams of volunteers to create a disc golf course at the west end of Rambadt Park.  The course was substantially completed and opened to the public with a well-attended tournament during the Crossroads Celebration in 2022.

The course is listed in directories and has already seen heavy use.  Dan, Dave and their volunteers will continue to refine and improve the course.

UDisc - The App for Disc Golf

The Disc Golf Scene

credit Octi Tavi 1.jpg
Project 3: Off-road Bike Park

Jonathan Zelinski designed the course then worked with volunteers and donated equipment (thank you, Double Diamond Transport) during the fall of 2022 to construct the beginner's course.  This was opened to the public with a race for youth of all ages.

McClains Cycles and Fitness donated a number of bikes to the project, and some were given away as prizes.  Double Diamond Transport donated forty new helmets which were given to children without one.  The remaining bikes and helmets will be used as loaners to children that do not have their own.  

Photo credit: Octi Tavi

dog park 1.jpg
Project 4: Dog Park

​This park will be located at the south end of Westerburg Park directly across from the Moose.  We are currently seeking funding to install the fencing.  We envision two separate enclosures, one for larger and more rambunctious dogs, with the second for smaller dogs, or seniors, or dogs that are shy.  We hope to provide an agility course and obedience training classes.  

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